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Hoffnungskalender (45. Beitrag)


Ein Gruß von der Englisch Conversation Gruppe


Liebe Netzwerker,

innerhalb unsere english conversation group versuchen wir ab und zu Kontakt zu halten durch kleine Berichte zu schreiben – auf Englisch von selbst sprechend.


Klaus Duck hat vorgeschlagen, dass ich mein letztes Schreiben für den Hoffnungskalender euch sende.

Falls eine Deutsche Übersetzung gebraucht wird, muss ich mich nochmals hinsetzen. Vielleicht reicht es auch so.


Liebe Grüße, Miro Honhoff



Dear friends,

Last Friday, instead of walking down the street in a carnival costume, I had the opportunity to accompany Margret Scheer to Marmagen for her anti Covid-19 vaccination. She was so lucky to get an appointment in the first week of the vaccination campaign.

The former Eifel-Höhen-Klinik was well known to us, but still, we enjoyed the friendly welcome by a lot of different institutions. Young people of THW, Fire brigade and Bundeswehr, standing freezing along the snowy driveway, were giving directions. All of them welcoming us friendly. Entering the building the red cross, Caritas and Johanniter took care of us: the temperature of the skin in our neck was controlled and of course we had to disinfect our hands. A clerk behind a bar registered the invitation for the vaccination and the date of the second vaccination in three weeks’ time was being confirmed.  Then we were guided to the lift. Even the knot 1 was pushed by an assistant. So many organisations were working together. The work really was spread on many shoulders. And everyone was friendly. A female doctor invited us to enter her room. It was 15. 30 h. although Margret was terminated for 16.30 h, we were welcome. Yes, I was allowed to stay with Margret during the whole procedure. The doctor asked some questions, about being allergic or former bad experiences with vaccinations, then she filled the syringe with Biontec Pfizer fluid and the shot was set. With some kindly remarks she showed us the way out. We had to follow a red stripe – not a red carpet – to one of the restrooms.

Now Margret is one of the 1,2 Million people aged over 80 years to be vaccinated. A return to her former normal life will soon be possible.

We had to wait half an hour in a separate room to avoid complications. By talking with a Red Cross assistant, joking and feeling happy time soon passed and we could drive home. A whole hour earlier than expected.

Well, I, myself, will probably have to wait a couple of months until it’s my turn to be vaccinated, too. I’ll be patient and will look forward to a life with meeting friends and embracing them, to be in a concert- or theatre-hall again, and with all the things we missed over a years’ time. But most of all, it is important all people out of  job find work again by opening the shops, starting culture and trading fairs, clubs for sports, music, choirs, discussions. I wish any kind of organisation that couldn’t meet or be active, caused by the lock-down, a good start in a free community as soon as possible. Miro.





Bild zur Meldung: Miro Honhoff _ Impfzentrum Marmagen